Tactical Handheld Emitter Finder

THiEF is a completely new state-of-the-art, micro-miniature, fully integrated, signal intercept and directional line-of-bearing system designed to prosecute VHF and UHF, analog, single-channel, push-to-talk radio transmitters. The design goal of THiEF was to create a system that was intuitively simple to operate while incorporating modern technology to reduce Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) in addition to  increasing operational performance, accuracy, employment flexibility, and concealment characteristics.

THiEF weighs under two (2) lbs, employs a unique receiver integrated with a flat antenna that is less than 6” (150mm) in diameter, and has rechargeable batteries   capable of providing up to sixteen (16) hours of operation. Due to its size THiEF enables the operator to prosecute signals of interest while maintaining limited visual exposure. In addition to a very small visual and operational footprint, THiEF has a completely new wireless user interface that  activates in just one second (controller operable in one second, GPS time to lock can range from  ten seconds to three minutes). Finally, THiEF provides the  ultimate, truly stealthy, body-worn capability for the individual operator with virtually hands free functionality and low visibility signature (contact RRT for additional details).

Controller GUI

  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen menus
  • Choice of DF or Homing modes
  • Multiple programming options
  • Band or Full DF calibration
  • Electronic compass calibration with adjustable declination angle setting
  • Map display provides instant visualization of line of bearing (LOB) information
  • GPS location and independent LOB data for each networked node
  • Provides Lat/Long and MGRS coordinates for a selected location
  • Map displays new or archived LOB data
  • Automatically stores all collection data for each RF signal received
  • Ability to network multiple nodes



Weight:  ~15 oz. (425g)  

(weight without batteries)

Length:  6.75” (171mm)  

Width: 4.25”(108mm)

Height: .75”(19mm)


Weight: 19oz (539g )

Diameter: 5.75”(146mm)

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